Abnorm – ‘Everything Temporary’ Single Review

Following the success of their debut single, 'Citrus', Abnorm are back with a with a bang(er)! Released on March 26th, their latest single, 'Everything Temporary', is a great addition to the quintet's growing discography. Fuelled by emotion, the energetic alt-rock offering focuses on the idea of impermanence and loss, complete with soaring vocals and an... Continue Reading →

They say Brexit means Brexit, but what does it mean for Newcastle’s music industry?

Since the UK's post-Brexit travel rules came into force on January 1st, there have been heightened levels of uncertainty around how UK and EU musicians will be affected. The new rules do not guarantee visa-free travel for artists and other creatives throughout the EU's 27 member states and may require those in such professions to... Continue Reading →

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