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Based in the North East and founded in 2020, Sly Gigs is a platform dedicated to regularly updating you on Newcastle’s live and alternative music scene. Originally created with the aim of supporting local independent music venues, bands, and soloists in the face of adversity, Sly Gigs provides the latest local music news, reviews, and more. Our mission is to keep you in the know, celebrate local talent, encourage creativity, and protect the arts within our community.


Regular updates on the local live & alternative music scene.


A deep dive into topics that affect the scene, casual interviews, listicles & more!


Local gig, album & single reviews.


Do YOU want to be featured on our page?

Whether you want exposure for your music, or you want to start creating your journalistic portfolio, don’t hesitate to ask.

Contact: ameliathorpe@yahoo.com – we are looking for more casual writers (whether you write once a day or once a year, your opinion matters!), as well a more music and gigs to review (artists, we need your press releases!). Cheers 🙂

From Uni Project to Passion Project

Originally created as part of my second year university project, Sly Gigs is a platform that celebrates talents from all corners of the North East. As Sly Gigs grows, I am proud to see it inform, entertain, and bring its readers together. Read our about page for more.

Meanwhile, check out this playlist I made: it purely consists of songs by local bands/artists and it is full of absolute bangers! >>

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