I’ve always wanted to make something to help inform, entertain, or bring people together. In the near future, I plan on welcoming new writers to my page, all with a diverse array of tastes and opinions! So keep an eye out for that!

I’ve always wanted to make something to help inform, entertain, or bring people together.

Hey! Let me introduce myself, my name is Amelia and I am a third year Journalism student at Newcastle University. Being a proud Northerner, treb enthusiast, devout gig-goer, and overall creative lassie, I wanted to establish an news outlet where I could inform fellow music fans on the latest local happenings and releases, along with expressing my own passions and opinions. And, create I did, with Sly Gigs being the fruit of my labour. So, I hope you take something away from my blog today, even if after you close the page you crack a smile, think a bit deeper, or feel more inspired, that’ll mean my mission was a success!



I am always trying to improve the Sly Gigs website to make it as user-friendly as it can possibly be.

Therefore, this is your chance to help design my site, any feedback or suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated:


This website is produced by journalism students. The views expressed on the site are not that of Newcastle University. They are the personal views of the student editors and contributors to this website. Seek professional advice for any health-related matter. Every effort is made to ensure that information contained on this website is accurate and up-to-date. However, information is subject to change and we can not accept liability for the accuracy of all the information presented at any given time. We do occasionally provide links from our website to information from third parties. We accept no responsibility for information obtained through such links.

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