Cat Ryan – “Lost My Connection” Single Review

Newcastle-based indie-rock quintet Cat Ryan return with upbeat new single, “Lost My Connection”. Released on September 22nd, the buoyant and bright track simply oozes creative vision. Cat Ryan refuse to be pinned down to a single genre (I had trouble dubbing them as “indie-rock” as they are so much more than that!) Their off-kilter art-rock and shoegaze influences, allow them to create a sound that is both charmingly familiar, yet entirely fresh. “Lost My Connection” is no exception. The track sees Cat Ryan‘s signature melodic riffs and lilted vocals mingle with rather pessimistic lyrical content about relationship instability.

Cat Ryan (L-R: Charlie, Mary-Anne, Lucas, Evie, Simon)

Penned by Cat Ryan‘s very own vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mary-Anne Murphy, the track follows the point-of-view of an individual strugling to maintain a long-distance relationship due to challenges surrounding communication, or more fittingly – miscommunication.

Murphy explains, “The song expresses a universal experience of communication which remains particularly prevalent in a time where many relationships in the modern world are mediated online. Whilst this appears to close the gap of geographical distance, it equally gives way to new challenges and miscommunications. The sad undertones of this breakup story are masked by the uplifting melodies in the music, perhaps reflecting the desires of the individual to make light of the situation or carry hope for a happier future.”

Quite apt for the cyber-world we live in. Makes me wonder what the future of long distance relationships will look like. Not just romantic ones but also how communication within platonic and familial relationships will also be affected by technological advancements. Anyway, I’m going off topic. Let’s get back to the review.

Cat Ryan live at The Cluny (Image: Adam Littlemore)

Cat Ryan have rocketed into popularity over the last year-or-so gaining recognition from both passionate music fans and the music press. Although their work has already been played alongside The Futureheads, The Lake Poets, Dilettante, and Martha Hill, “Lost My Connection” has secured support from tastemakers such as Gemma Bradley on BBC Radio 1, Phonograph Me, Mix It All Up, MysticSons, and Music For The Misfits to name a few.

Reminiscent of Declan McKenna’s early work (see What Do You Think About The Car) and with a perky, almost math-rock, genre-bending sound, it doesn’t surprise me that Cat Ryan‘s latest single is already a critical success. This success has granted them the privilege of an upcoming headline show at The Waiting Room in London on December 3rd, as well as plans for a Spring tour in 2023.

I’m looking forward to hearing what the five-piece have in store for us for the future.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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