Olympia Palace – “Must Be Tokyo” Single Review

Tyne/Tees-based indie-rock triad Olympia Palace return with lively sophomore singled titled, “Must Be Tokyo”. Released on October 14th, the exhillerating track is a strong addition to the bands budding discography and a must-add to any towngoer’s playlist.

Penned by Will Clucas, the track playfully captures the chaotic motions of a passion-fulled (and albeit wild) night out. With reference to both global and local icognography Olympia Palace use “Tokyo” as a double entendre. Both mirroring the overwhelming bustle of the Japanese Capital while giving a nod to Tokyo, a popular bar in Newcastle city centre (the latter of which inspired the song to begin with).

Following the success of their debut single “Cruel Paradise”, which boasts acclaim from various industry sources, Olympia Palace hope to maintain their winning streak with their latest single. Inspired by the quintessentially indie-rock sounds of Foals, Sundara Karma, and Mystery Jets, “Must Be Tokyo” is a track that is garanteed to get heads bouncing and feet tapping.

I believe that this single could easily make its way onto, for instance, The Cut’s REBEL playlist and earn Olympia Palace a place as one of the North East’s indie scene’s greats. In my opinion, they are a band that could one day rival the likes of Sam Fender if they play their cards right… maybe schmooze with a few industry giants (but for the love of God not SSD!)


MUST BE TOKYO IS OUT NOW! On Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud 🎧

♬ original sound – Olympia Palace

Composed of Will Clucas (Lead Vocals and Bass), Alexei Holgate (Lead Guitar) and John Timney (Drums), Olympia Palace formed amidst the 2020 lockdown and have used their muic as a form of escapism ever since. With each member having had their own musical roots, it is unsurprising how well the trio utilise and combine their talents to create their own brand of anthematic Foals-esque indie-rock!

Although not to my personal taste (which is fine by the way), “Holiday In Tokyo” ticks all the boxes to launch Olympia Palace to further success within their genre. It is a catchy, danceable, energetic, and rythmic track that deserves to go mainstream. A strong sophomore offering from the emmerging band which, honestly, might be difficult to beat…

I’m just hoping it can only go upwards from here for the trio.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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