Melts: live in Newcastle – A vibrant performance by the Dublin quintet with support from local up & comers.

Last night (October 25th), I had the pleasure of attending Melts‘ live performance at the Head Of Steam. The show was part of the Dublin-based psychedelic-rock band’s UK/Ireland tour celebrating their debut album titled Maelstrom. The band was joined by two emmerging local acts, NOVYI LEF and Silk Road, both of whom perfectly complimented Melts‘ contemporary psych-rock sound.

Melts band performing at The Head of Steam (Image: AME Neri)

Not too long after fans were welcomed into the venue at 7:30pm, North-East-based trio Silk Road took to centre stage. Comprised of Luke Enguita, Mikey Mancini, and Harry Patterson, Silk Road are a post-punk/noise-rock force to be reckoned with. Their 30 minute set saw the three-piece perform an cover of Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” sandwiched between exciting Black Midi-esque originals. The passion this band has for their music is phenomenal, with each member putting their all into the performance and creating a unique jazz-peppered soundscape.

Silk Road perform funky original at The Head Of Steam (Image: AME Neri)

A gritty, synth-punk performance by NOVYI LEF followed soon after. The politically-fuelled NOVYI LEF are an electronic two-piece hailing from Newcastle composed of Euan Lynn and Tom Reah. Donned in their trademark orange boilersuits, the duo performed an array of original, synth-heavy, pieces for their set. Led by distain for seemly inescapable capitalist power structures, NOYYI LEF highlight the plight of the working class in vocalist Euan’s powerful, near-spoken lyrics.

NOVYI LEF’s performance at The Head of Steam (Image: AME Neri)

Both thematically and musically, I couldn’t help draw comparison’s between NOVYI LEF and Eastern Europe’s melancolic post-punk/doomer-wave movement led by the likes of Molchat Doma and Permsky Kray. Which is coincidentally a sub-genre I listen to profusely… I will be adding NOVYI LEF to my playlists for sure.

The atmosphere created by the two support acts was the perfect entree to Melts‘ performance. The 9-song-set demonstrated each of Melts’ five member’s talents and was the perfect premiere to their debut album. Composed of Eoin Kenny (vocals), Gaz Earle (drums), Robbie Brady (keys/synth), Colm Giles (bass), and Hugh O’Reilly (guitar), Melts was formed back in 2017 before emerging onto the diverse Dublin music scene with the release of their acclaimed debut single “Skyward” in 2018.

Melts performance at The Head of Steam (Image: AME Neri)

Having supported big names such as Fontaines DC and Rolling Blackout’s CF in the past, it is clear that a UK/Ireland tour has been a long time coming. And deservingly so! Their showmanship, chemistry, and musical finesse are all attributes that truly shone through their performance. Although some of their vocal melodies were a tad repeitive, the psychedelic-rock sound that each member has clearly worked very hard to perfect is exceptional. They are most certainly a band that I will see again when if they ever come back to Newcastle (which I hope they do).

Melts set list October 25 2022 (Image: AME Neri)

Listen to Melts’ debut album Maelstrom here:


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