Olympia Palace – “Cruel Paradise” Single Review

Emerging indie trio, Olympia Palace etch their name onto the local music scene with energetic debut single “Cruel Paradise”. Released on August 5th, the sun-tinted and colourful “Cruel Paradise” is a must-add for any indie lover’s playlist. From long-hot summer road-trips, to lively student house-parties, this anthem is ripe for any occasion.

Penned by frontman Will Clucas and produced by Jamie Donnelly, the single almost personifies the popular idiom “trouble in paradise”. Mirroring the bitter-sweet juxtaposition of ecstasy and peril, “Cruel Paradise” represents both the intensity and the instability that can affect romantic relationships.

(Image: Olympia Palace)

Comprised of Will Clucas (Lead Vocals and Bass), Alexei Holgate (Lead Guitar) and John Timney (Drums), the Newcastle/Teeside-based three-piece formed amidst lockdown back in 2020. Despite the trials and tribulations that the pandemic posed for Olympia Palace, the band are finally ready to make their mark on the local (possibily even national) indie scene.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Biffy Clyro, Sundara Karma, and sometimes Bon Jovi, Olympia Palace are positively on their way to making a sound that is both familiar and well loved, but also stand-alone and fresh.

(Artwork: Olympia Palace)

As of late I have become rather disatisifed with the indie genre as a whole due to its predictability and questionable morals (think SSD and the like). Yet, personal gripes aside, I truly hope that Olympia Place (along with other promising up-and-comers) will add some individualistic flare and moral decency to the indie scene. We’re counting on YOU (no pressure!)

And on that note, I am looking forward to what this rising trio have in store for us in the future.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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