Pensacola Mist – ‘Horizon’ Single Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Released on June 3rd, ‘Horizon’ is the perfect addition to Pensacola Mist‘s growing arsenal of glossy, high-contrast synth-pop. Inspired by action-filled cop movies of the 80s, the adrenaline fuelled track delves into the mind of an anti-hero narrowly escaping the police after a bank robbery goes awry.

‘Horizon’ is chock-full of energy and finesse, with each slight fluctuation of dynamics mirroring the each stage of the thrilling car chase through the Hollywood Hills. The high speed rhythm of the bass mimics the antihero’s palpitations while moments of quiet introspect are used to reveal how much mess she’s in. The phrase ‘Play it cool”, which is repeated 64 times throughout the track, reflects the anti-hero’s desperation to keep it together and not get caught. The danceable nu-disco pop track has you almost throwing morality to the wind and rooting for the robber!

Pensacola Mist (Image:

Hailing from the North-East of England and Scotland, the high contrast synth-pop trio are inspired by the synths and cinema of the 1980s, evident in both their sound and aesthetic. Dubbed by NE Volume Magazine as “one of the top 10 North-East acts to see live in 2022”, and having received critical praise from both local AND national outlets, Pensacola Mist are certainly overdue a breakthrough. With each and every one of their offerings being catchier than ever, it would be no surprise to see them reign among some of the best within UK’s synth-pop scene.

I am excited to see what this promising three-piece have in store for us in the future.

You now can listen to ‘Horizon’ on all major streaming services.

You can get a taste of Pensacola Mist’s dazzling 1980s inspired sound and aesthetics by viewing the promotional clip below (via YouTube).

Pensacola Mist – 22 promo (YouTube)

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