Docksuns – ‘So Cold Love’ Single Review

Back on April 30th, Sunderland-based indie-rockers, Docksuns dropped their latest single titled ‘So Cold Love’. The retrospective track sees the band look back upon, and candidly open up about, unstable past relationships, serving as a sequel to their passionate previous single, ‘Blew Up A Kiss’.

Docksuns is composed of: James Baxter’s vocals and guitar, Adam Dawkins’ bass, Glenn Laws’ drums, and guitar from both Neil Douthwaite and Stephen Keogh. Although still relatively small, the band have been praised throughout the North East’s music scene for their catalogue of energetic rock’n’roll inspired tunes since they formed back in 2019.

(Image: Docksuns)

‘So Cold Love’ continues the climactic story that their previous track, ‘Blew Up a Kiss’, started – a progression the band were keen to explore as they move on from past experiences. The single was originally written by vocalist James, which soon became a collaborative effort, with each band member exercising their creative talents, and contributing their own pieces of the jigsaw prior to recording.

Characterized by their catchy choruses, raspy vocals, and raw, unpolished charm, Docksuns are a must-listen for any indie-rock fanatic. Upon listening to ‘So Cold Love’, it is evident to me that the band have really honed in on their strengths, creating a tastefully passion-fuelled rock ditty.

Radiating a sort of dark-summertime energy, the contrast between their vibrant guitar riffs and brooding bass-line not only hits the spot, but effortlessly mimics the lyrical content of the track.

(Image: Docksuns)

Having been featured on BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, as well as in a variety of music news platforms, Docksuns have already made a name for themselves in and around the local scene. But the band’s journey doesn’t stop there! With plenty of live shows lined up in the near future, Docksuns are ready to be welcomed back to the region’s most popular venues, and will soon enough celebrate a successful gig season.

And although not really aligning with my own personal taste, I can truly appreciate the hard-work and creativity that has went into this track.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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