Hannah Robinson – ‘Dark Desires’ EP Review

Back in March, Gateshead-based singer-songwriter, Hannah Robinson graced the local music scene once again with the release of her debut EP, Dark Desires.

Oozing with emotion and melancholic character, the three-track EP explores a range of delicate sentiments, from lust and obsession, to heartbreak and grief, all through the candid lens of the emerging artist.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Wolf Alice, Best Coast, and Ladyhawke, the indie-pop soloist is known for her haunting vocals, experimental harmonies, and emotionally transparent lyrics. Her debut EP is no exception, with each track effortlessly painting a rougue-tinted and passion-fuelled picture in your minds eye.

(Image: Megan Wilson)

Kicking off Dark Desires is opening track, ‘One Friday Night’, which makes for a great first impression of the EP. Defying genre conventions, this punchy tune blends a rather foreboding baseline with elements of light surf-rock, synths, and reverb-heavy vocals.

This comfortably foreshadows the general themes and stylistic features of the multifaceted set, whilst also being strong enough as a stand-alone single.

Speaking of stand-alone singles, the following track, ‘Fool For Him’, was actually first released in March 2020 as the soloists debut single, and has been gaining popularity ever since.

The lust-driven single is built upon layers and layers of fantastical guitar harmonies, fast-paced drums, and soft, sultry vocals, which, I didn’t know any better, I’d assume was emanating from a assembly of dark forest nymphs.

‘Ghosts’ is the third and final track of the EP, and is my overall favourite of the lot. Opening with a delicate, American Horror Story-esque piano melody and slowly rising into a perfect storm of spacey, overlapping vocals and instrumentals.

Metaphorically speaking, the “ghosts” in question are the emotions that linger during periods of grief, whether it be the death of someone close or the fallout from a heartbreak. This, coupled with the excellent production, makes it all feel very ethereal and supernatural.

(Videography: Megan Wilson)

“To me, music is all about embracing those moments that allow you to escape into your own
reality; letting your emotions flow and feeling a strong sense of euphoria.”

Hannah Robinson

Hailing from the North East of England, Hannah Robinson made her first solo appearance in the local music scene in March 2020, with her debut single ‘Fool for Him’. This was shortly followed by her second release, ‘Confusion’, in August 2020.

Each track has gained the ambitious singer-songwriter media attention, with both being featured on BBC Introducing Newcastle, Nova Radio and Spark FM, as well as in various local magazine titles.

Impressive in ambition and creativity, Dark Desires allows you to blissfully escape into your own reality and let your emotions run wild.

Hannah Robinson is a very talented (and surprisingly underrated) up-and-coming artist, who is full of potential and ambition. I am excited to see what she creates next.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Mixing and mastering by The Old Church Studio and Adam Forster.


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