Spilt Milk – ‘Rocks against Your Window’ Single Review

Gateshead-based indie quartet, Spilt Milk return with their fourth single, Rocks against Your Window’. Released on May 28th, the upbeat new offering is full of thoughtful lyrical content, arena-worthy instrumentals, and the bands signature indie-rock sound.

Made up of Oscar Nolan (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Isaac Nolan (lead guitar), Theo Nolan (drums) and Thomas Carney (bass), Spilt Milk emerged onto the local scene back in early 2019. Known for their combination of anthematic guitar lines, intimate vocals, and socially aware lyrics, Spilt Milk really know how to appeal to their (predominantly North-Eastern) listeners.

‘Rocks against Your Window’ Lyric Video (YouTube)

Despite being being relatively new to the scene, the lads have evidently honed in on their talents over the last year or so, and seem to excite their growing fanbase with every single release. ‘Rocks against Your Window’ is no exception.

Alongside clear references to teenage culture, the lyrics point towards the covid pandemic. Lyrics such as: “we’re praying and we’re hoping that we’ll get our summer back”, are highly relatable and reflect the hopeless longing for normality I think we have all felt recently (especially with the recent lockdown extension).

I personally really hope that gigs will be allowed at full force this summer, because this song would absolutely rip live!

‘Rocks against Your Window’ cover art (Spilt Milk)

‘Rocks against Your Window’ is a feel-good anthem-like rock ditty that, to me, has an undeniable (and nicely executed) Sam Fender-esque feel about it. The track is well-mixed and speckled with big-sounding instrumentals (I especially LOVED the bridge!)

Although I love the soundscape that Spilt Milk are going for, I would love to see them branch out and possibly try something a bit more experimental as I think it would sound exceptional.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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