Jenny Lascelles – ‘Dying 2 Get 2 U’ Single Review

Jenny Lascelles is a singer-songwriter and pianist from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne who, over the last few years, has established herself within her local acoustic scene, having performed in many regional hot-spots prior to the pandemic. Her new single, ‘Dying 2 Get 2 U’ takes on a darker indie-pop sound, marking the beginning of a new era in her music career and teasing her highly anticipated third album.

Released on April 2nd, ‘Dying 2 Get 2 U’ is a beautifully slow-burning, and emotion-fuelled, indie-pop number whose lyrics flirt with feelings of guilt, helplessness, and regret. Ruminating on mortality, the track ponders the temperamental and impermanent nature of life, drawing upon fears of being incapable to save loved ones from death’s inevitable plan.

Characterised by electronic instrumentals and fabulous vocal layering, the single sees Jenny divert from her typically acoustic-folk sound, trading it for a catchier pop-inspired formula. ‘Dying 2 Get 2 U’ will be the opening track to the soloist’s third album, which is her most personal and emotionally complex work to date. The thought-provoking new single neatly previews a record that deep-dives into themes such as mental health, feminism and death.

Having previously funded, created and released two successful independent albums – Fairy Lights in 2015 and Backbone in 2017, Jenny Lascelles’ discography boasts numerous acclaimed gems. The singer’s work has been both praised by numerous publications, and aired on numerous radio stations, including BBC Introducing North East, for which ‘Lovely on the Water’ was one of the tracks of the year in 2015. 

‘Dying 2 Get U’ Cover Art (Image: Tom Kimber, Graphics: Tom Harrison)

‘Dying 2 Get 2 U’ is available to stream across platforms, along with a shorter, more refined radio edit (I would personally recommend the uncut version). Both tracks were produced by Angus Lyon (Mixing) and Chris Waite (Mastering).

With her third album in the making, Jenny Lascelles is ditching the self-imposed limitations of acoustic-folk and taking her music in a completely new direction. And based on my first impression of ‘Dying 2 Get 2 U’, I am looking forward to seeing where this new direction takes her.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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