Abnorm – ‘Everything Temporary’ Single Review

Following the success of their debut single, ‘Citrus’, Abnorm are back with a with a bang(er)! Released on March 26th, their latest single, ‘Everything Temporary’, is a great addition to the quintet’s growing discography. Fuelled by emotion, the energetic alt-rock offering focuses on the idea of impermanence and loss, complete with soaring vocals and an undeniably catchy hook.

Carried by front-woman, Abbie’s powerful vocals, ‘Everything Temporary’, crackles with the confidence and momentum of any well-constructed pop-song, this time with a grunge-esque twist. Each verse naturally feeds into the chorus, which erupts into a multilayered ruckus of rich-sounding vocals and captivating instrumentals, embellished with notes of classic hard-rock.

‘Everything Temporary’ – Cover art

‘Everything Temporary’ is about the impermanence of everything, and the painful inevitability that all things in existence must come to an end. With lyrics like, “Nothing comes from everything” and “Give me something permanent”, the nihilistic track really hammers home the idea that everything is, in fact, temporary.

Describing the track’s meaning, front-woman, Abbie explains, “Everything Temporary is the unwanted feeling that you can’t shake when you know that something just won’t last. Whether that be in a relationship that’s about to finish or a building that will one day be demolished.

“It’s about feeling despair from the unfortunate things that the world is throwing our way. Everything Temporary is about expressing how angry and frustrated you feel about being rendered helpless.”

Front-woman, Abbie Rose (Image: Krzystof Furgała)

Formed in Newcastle just before the first national lockdown, Abnorm consists of Abbie Rose (vocals), Alex McArthur (drums), Jamie Budge (lead guitar), Matthew Middleton (rhythm guitar), and Krzysztof Furgała (bass). Evidently honing in on their talents to distinguish their sound, the band has come a long way since they made their debut back in September.

Although relatively new to the scene, Abnorm have already established a growing fanbase. With a nomination for Local Artist of the Year’ (Nova Radio Awards 2020) under their belts, and with ‘Citrus’ earning its spot on BBC Introducing North East, these up-and-comers are here to stay.

Although ‘Everything Temporary’ shows a huge improvement in the band’s songwriting skills from their debut single, my one critique would be that the lyrics get a little bit repetitive towards the end. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to see Abnorm push the boat out and incorporate new and exciting elements in their music.

Abnorm’s music seems to get better with each and every release, so, naturally, I am excited to see what they have got in store for us next.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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