Spilt Milk – ’12 Weeks’ Single Review

’12 Weeks’ is an introspective new offering from indie-rock quartet, Spilt Milk. Released on March 12th, the track sees the Gateshead-based band experiment with a more acoustic sound as they reflect on their experiences over lockdown.  

Emerging onto the scene back in 2019, Spilt Milk consists of Oscar Nolan (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Isaac Nolan (lead guitar), Theo Nolan (drums) and Thomas Carney (bass). Although relatively new, the band has quickly gained popularity within the local indie scene, with ’12 Weeks’ being a highly anticipated release following the success of their previous single, ‘Moving Target’, last year.

’12 Weeks’ cover art (Instagram)

Released almost an entire year after the national lockdown was first enforced, ’12 Weeks’ explores the bands feelings throughout such an abnormal time in history. Although, in hindsight, it would’ve been a blessing for the lockdown to only last 12 weeks, the track still resonates with the feelings of uncertainty that I think we all experienced when COVID-19 first reared its ugly head. Lyrics referring to the pandemic like, “I start to dread how long we’ll be here for”, are relatable to us all.

Spilt Milk during the video shoot for ’12 Weeks’

Taking on a slower, more acoustic sound, ’12 Weeks’ adds a fresh folk-y twist to the bands current discography, and highlights their range as emerging musicians. Opening with Isaac Nolan’s mellow guitar riffs that begin to crescendo as Oscar Nolan’s lead vocals take centre stage. Ditching their usual heavy instrumentals for this track, Spilt Milk show a softer, more emotive side to their song writing.

Written by Isaac Nolan, the lyrics mainly focus on the all too relatable feelings most of us have felt over the last year. With lyrics like, “we don’t know what’s in store”, clearly highlighting the uncertainly surrounding the pandemic. However, romantic lyrics like, “My eyes light up when I see your face like I’ve never seen it before”, give the track a wholesome, feel-good factor.

Spilt Milk – ’12 Weeks’ Music Video (YouTube)

The music video for ’12 Weeks’ was uploaded to the Spilt Milk’s YouTube channel back in August, where the band is captured performing the track in front of a serene natural backdrop. The video also showcases the talents of director and editor, Zahra Shahsavari, as well as cinematographer, Emil Nolan.

With their growing discography and fan-base, Spilt Milk have plenty in store for us over the next year. From headlining local gigs to (hopefully) releasing new music, I am looking forward to seeing what they do next.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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