Independent local title, Darling Zine returns with an eye-catching third edition.

Independent local magazine title, Darling Zine returns with the release of its colourful third edition, which was made available for fans to pre-order on January 13th.

Founded by Newcastle-based freelance journalist, Emily Duff, Darling Zine regularly features and promotes women and non-binary people in music, art and film.

The newest edition of Darling Zine includes a wider range of material than its predecessors, featuring work from 32 creatives. On the release of Issue Three, founder, Emily Duff, told Sly Gigs: “Issue Three is made up of opinion articles, poetry, artwork, interviews, and more.

This is the first issue I’ve asked for submissions rather than contacting creatives in particular so I think it’s got more free-range from the people involved too.”

Emily Duff (19) founded Darling Zine after noticing an under-representation of females in the industry (Photo: Emily Duff)

Since the release of Issue One back in June 2020, Darling Zine has gained a reputation for being a platform where people who identify as female or non-binary are celebrated for their creative talents.

The title proved extremely popular from the onset, with Issue One selling out within mere days.

On founding the title, Duff admits that she was inspired to create Darling Zine after noticing “a lack of female musicians” in the music industry.

She added: “I wanted to do my own research to find more musicians I wasn’t aware of and to provide a platform to showcase their talent.”

“As well as this, I love writing about film but rarely get the opportunity to. I split the magazine into three categories (music, art and film) to allow myself to explore topics I don’t get to write about as often as well as finding and promoting new people within those categories to explore.”

When her focus is not on Darling Zine, Duff writes for several other local music news outlets, such as Spotlight Music UK, NE Volume, Into the Pit UK and Tits Upon Tyne – the latter of which she was recently promoted to Assistant Head.

Darling Zine Issue Two cover, designed by Sneak Pekoe (Photo: Emily Duff)

In the future, Darling Zine is set to point in a slightly different direction as Duff alludes to a more socially and politically diverse Issue Four in the making. “Now that I have my first trilogy, I want to broaden the content to articles about social and political issues rather than just promoting less recognised creatives.” She reveals, “This means giving a platform to all genders and races, rather than just wxmen and enby.”

The cover of Issue Three is a psychedelic, 70s inspired original piece of art (as seen at the top of the story) created by artist, Claire Rye. Each edition is professionally printed in full colour onto recycled paper.

Issue Three is due to go to print on the 25th and should be delivered to buyers by the end of the month. To secure a copy Duff recommends ordering before the 24th.

Issue Three can be ordered either directly on Darling Zine’s website or via Depop for £6 including free delivery.


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