Local band, Spilt Milk share festive cover of ‘Fairytale of New York’

In attempts to keep morale high, Gateshead-based indie-rock group, Spilt Milk released their heart-warming cover of ‘Fairytale of New York’ on December 21st.

Shared to Instagram (IGTV) and Facebook, the cover was a collaborative effort featuring vocalist Jess Lewis-Ward (The Redroom), who performed alongside the band in a socially distanced setting.

‘Fairytale of New York’, cover by Spilt Milk (Facebook)

Emerging onto the scene back in 2019, Spilt Milk consists of Oscar Nolan (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Isaac Nolan (lead guitar), Theo Nolan (drums) and Thomas Carney (bass). Although relatively new on the scene, the band already has a dedicated fan-base and an array of successful releases to be proud of.

Their rendition of ‘Fairytale of New York’ features vocals from Jess Lewis-Ward, front-woman and vocalist of The Redroom, another proudly North-Eastern indie band.

Oscar Nolan, front-man of Spilt Milk, reveals that their main motivation for posting the cover was to improve people’s moods and bring a bit of optimism to an overall bleak year. “It’s been a year full of such misery and distress so we really wanted to work on something that improved people’s frame of mind and what better way than a fun Christmas classic.” Nolan tells Sly Gigs.

Spilt Milk at the Stockton Firework Festival (Photo: Instagram)

Their choice to cover ‘Fairytale of New York’ was also informed by the happenings of 2020, Nolan admits. “This year has set off a very depressing backdrop to Christmas and I don’t think the song has ever seemed more relatable.”

He added: “It’s about people of all different walks of life struggling through tough times yet all coming together at this time of year to recognise the fact that we all have our own problems and that we need to help each other out more with these issues.”

The four-minute long video was filmed at the Nolan residence in Gateshead, with assistance from the band’s close friends and family. “We’re really lucky as a band due to the fact that our other family members work in film and television”, says Nolan. “Our brother Emil works on the production of most of our videos yet is also often joined by his girlfriend Zahra and my Dad, Adam. Together the 7 of us form a tight knit group that we’re really grateful for.”

Despite coronavirus restrictions, Spilt Milk continues to add to their discography, with their latest release ’12 Weeks’ which was shared to YouTube back in August.

You can watch the official video here:

Spilt Milk – 12 Weeks (YouTube)

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