Post Rome: ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ – Single Review

Sunderland based three-piece, Post Rome return with their energetic new single ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’. Shared to all major music streaming platforms on December 14th, the band reflects on the complexities of dating in a powerful and well-mixed alt-rock number that is possibly the most exciting releases I’ve heard on the local scene in a while. 

Post Rome – ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ Music Video (Youtube)

Following the release of ‘Different Kids’ and ‘Want to Believe’, ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ comes not only as Post Rome’s third stand-alone single this year, but also a fantastic addition to their growing discography. After receiving support on their previous releases from BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and It’s All Indie, Post Rome is already on the road to success. And, with its originality and anthem-like charm, ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ will most likely be yet another hit from the emerging band. 

Formed in Sunderland, Post Rome consist of Jasper Watson (Bass/Vocals), Ben Goodfellow (Guitar) and Jamie martin (drums). The trio, who were childhood friends, have this undeniable chemistry that is apparent in their music, giving each and every new release an all round effortlessly faultless sound. ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ is no exception.

Post Rome (Photo: Robert Knowles)

To my initial surprise, the track opens with abrupt, heavy instrumentals and decisive vocals, launching itself into being without hesitation. The power and energy present from the onset is carried throughout the track, along with beautifully-mixed effects and an air of bittersweet emotion. The lyrical content seemingly reflects the latter, focusing on the feelings of those who solely like the idea of having a partner but are deterred when it comes to actually being in a relationship. 

“it’s simply a text message turned in to a catchy hook.”

When describing the single, Drummer Jamie Martin stated that ‘The Idea of Having a Boyfriend’ “explores the feelings of people who simply just like having a partner rather than liking the person themselves.” He then went on to explain that, despite the apparent emotional intensity of the song itself, the single doesn’t take itself seriously, revealing “it’s simply a text message turned in to a catchy hook.”

Gaining great attention on the live scene, Post Rome have been working with nationally acclaimed promoter Scruff of The Neck to play full capacity shows across the North East in venues such as Think Tank (Newcastle) and Independent (Sunderland). Despite the global pandemic and national lockdown, Post Rome have had a considerably successful year and are now in the process of planning a plethora of shows across the North East for the year to come.

Upon its release, the track was accompanied by a live streamed gig, which despite the lack of a live audience, was an huge success. I am personally glad I found this song – its already made it onto my Spotify likes and I look forward to attending a Post Rome gig in the (hopefully) near future.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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