Interview: Emerging artist Connor Fyfe on success, the lockdown, and his upcoming show in Newcastle.

At the age of 14, indie-rock prodigy, Connor Fyfe has already taken the Scottish music scene by storm. Now, with a chart-topping single under his belt, and a sold-out tour on the horizon, the emerging star sets his sights on bigger targets.

The Glasgow native cites the likes of The Beatles, Radiohead and The Stone Roses as not only being some of his biggest influences, but also his favourite bands as well.

Connor Fyfe – ‘Truth be Told’ (YouTube)

And judging by the standard of his most recent single (listen above), which deservingly made it to the Top 20 in the Scottish Charts upon its release, Connor Fyfe has already set himself up for success. It won’t be long before he’s following in the footsteps of fellow Glaswegian, Gerry Cinnamon – who has already performed at festivals across the UK and Europe.

After honing his guitar skills since the age of eight, the self-taught young musician started singing when he was just ten years old, a year before his first ever gig.

Eager to get back on the stage, Connor Fyfe recently announced that he will be playing at the Cluny, Ouseburn. The socially distanced gig will be taking place on January 31st, during the national Independent Venue Week 2021, which aims to support independent music venues in the UK. Tickets for the show are available on the Gigs North East website.

We caught up with the rising soloist upon the announcement of his forthcoming gig at the Cluny, in a bid to find out more about his music career, his future plans, and his thoughts on coming to Newcastle in January.

Connor Fyfe told Sly Gigs: “I’m really looking forward to finally playing in Newcastle.

Connor Fyfe to play at the Cluny 2 (Photo: Instagram)

“I was meant to be supporting the Kaiser Chiefs at the Virgin money Unity Arena in September but that got cancelled due to another lockdown over there.

“hopefully I’ll be playing in Newcastle more often.”

The lockdown has been a difficult time for many independent musicians, affecting their ability to create and rehearse his music, Connor admits: “it’s been hard for all of us, but I tried to use my time the best way I could. And that was to write and record some new music as I couldn’t get out and play any shows.”

Now, since he is back at school, the ambitious young star says that although his music career rarely interferes with his education as he usually gigs on the weekend, he tries hard in both areas, he says, “because they are both important to me.”

And that is the exact type of determination that has enabled him to be so successful at such a young age. Having already made his way onto the charts, and with many exciting events lined up for 2021, Connor Fyfe is a name that is skyrocketing into relevancy.

“I just sold out my first Scottish Tour which has Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh on it! And there are a lot of festivals and other gigs coming up next year as well!”

He added: “I released my debut album ‘Don’t’ in March there, and recently put out a new single called ‘Truth be Told’ which reached the Top 20 in the Scottish Charts! There are a lot of new songs and possible EP/Album in the pipeline!

“I just sold out my first Scottish Tour which has Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh on it! And there are a lot of festivals and other gigs coming up next year as well!”

It is clear that Connor Fyfe has his head in the game, from releasing new music to announcing tour dates, I’m excited to see what his next move will be.

Buy tickets for his show at the Cluny here.

Find out more on his Facebook page here.


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