Cat Ryan – “Lost My Connection” Single Review

Newcastle-based indie-rock quintet Cat Ryan return with upbeat new single, "Lost My Connection". Released on September 22nd, the buoyant and bright track simply oozes creative vision. Cat Ryan refuse to be pinned down to a single genre (I had trouble dubbing them as "indie-rock" as they are so much more than that!) Their off-kilter art-rock... Continue Reading →

Olympia Palace – “Must Be Tokyo” Single Review

Tyne/Tees-based indie-rock triad Olympia Palace return with lively sophomore singled titled, "Must Be Tokyo". Released on October 14th, the exhillerating track is a strong addition to the bands budding discography and a must-add to any towngoer's playlist. Penned by Will Clucas, the track playfully captures the chaotic motions of a passion-fulled (and albeit wild) night... Continue Reading →

Olympia Palace – “Cruel Paradise” Single Review

Emerging indie trio, Olympia Palace etch their name onto the local music scene with energetic debut single "Cruel Paradise". Released on August 5th, the sun-tinted and colourful "Cruel Paradise" is a must-add for any indie lover's playlist. From long-hot summer road-trips, to lively student house-parties, this anthem is ripe for any occasion. Penned by frontman... Continue Reading →

Pensacola Mist – ‘Horizon’ Single Review

★★★★ Released on June 3rd, 'Horizon' is the perfect addition to Pensacola Mist's growing arsenal of glossy, high-contrast synth-pop. Inspired by action-filled cop movies of the 80s, the adrenaline fuelled track delves into the mind of an anti-hero narrowly escaping the police after a bank robbery goes awry. 'Horizon' is chock-full of energy and finesse,... Continue Reading →

Holiday In Tokyo – ‘White Marquee’ Single Review

★★★★ Holiday In Tokyo tease their upcoming album with dazzling new single 'White Marquee'. Ripe with summer-tinted melodies and warm vocals, the sentimental track follows vocalist Matty Rogers down memory lane as he recounts a core moment from his childhood. The single encapsulates the band's signature mellow lo-fi-esque beats, husky vocals, and kitchen-sink lyrics to... Continue Reading →

Honeyflux – ‘Hourglass’ Single Review

Newcastle-based alt-rock outfit, Honeyflux returned the local music scene this summer with their sparkling second single, 'Hourglass'. Released on July 2nd, the visually inspiring track is overflowing with fictitious imagery that effortlessly paints a vibrant, picturesque, and sun-tinged landscape. (Image: Honeyflux) Composed of members from Backyard Rhythm Orchestra, The Baghdaddies, Prudent Primate, and Shields UK,... Continue Reading →

Docksuns – ‘So Cold Love’ Single Review

Back on April 30th, Sunderland-based indie-rockers, Docksuns dropped their latest single titled 'So Cold Love'. The retrospective track sees the band look back upon, and candidly open up about, unstable past relationships, serving as a sequel to their passionate previous single, 'Blew Up A Kiss'. Docksuns is composed of: James Baxter’s vocals and guitar, Adam... Continue Reading →

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